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Can We Imagine A Different Relation To Debt?

Debt is everywhere. It designs our lives and the whole world.

Debt takes the power from the people and gives it in to the hands of bankers and experts. But Debt wasn’t always what it is today. Can we imagine a different relation to Debt?

Our friends at Memefest are calling for work for their ‘friendly competition’ on Debt for 2012.

Each year, Memefest singles out a text and/or image that serves as a focal point for a critical take on the current media and communication environment. In order to enable creative approaches based on various interdisciplinary, practical, and theoretical perspectives, participation is invited in different categories.

The friendly competition has three main divisions: Visual communication practice, Critical writing and Beyond…. It is open to anyone who wants to participate. Any artist, activist, writer, designer, malcontent, educator or media manipulator can enter. There is no age restriction. The only limit is your creativity and imagination.

Visual communication practice and Critical writing are conceptualized around the same theme. Beyond… has separate outlines.

In order to get the best possible in-depth understanding of your work, we will categorize all submissions in two fields: Student/Academic and Non-academic.

You can register your works in one or more categories. However, a particular work can compete in one category only.

Check here for more info about the category that is most interesting for you.

Participation is free of charge!

Deadline for your submissions is May 20th 2012!

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