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This Space Is Not For Hire

This Space Is Not For Hire, the Poster workshop took place late on the Saturday of the Occupy Design weekend, where we managed to talk through the ideas of relevant subjects, slogans and simplified images that would work on the streets. It continued on the Sunday and some of the posters were moving forwards. We are hoping some of you that took part have managed to continue working on these and could be close to the printing stage.

We are looking into print spaces and colleges that can be used to mass produce these posters for the occupy movement. It is likely that we will arrange another Occupy design day in the coming weeks to move the posters onto production.

We are gathering images from the weekend but in the mean time here are a few images form Novi Sad last year where we ran a similar workshop on the privatisation of local public spaces.


Still working on doing some posters – with many events and actions coming up in May we will concentrate to get them printed for these days. We hope those that are interested are already working on their poster – there are some slogans below – not all that great but could be a starting point for some.

The plan is to print 100 of each 2/3 colours at A1 or A2.

These posters would be to engage with the upcoming occupy events and related actions.

So with May coming and a few dates set :

• May 1: MayDay / General Assembly (Big in US this year)

• May 5: General Bank Transfer / Move Your Money! (not sure how big this will be)

• May 12: General Occupation / Act!

Because not everybody is able to strike, people have added the 12 of May to the next global day of action, meant for both strikers and supporters

• May 15: General Strike / Strike! (1 year of Indignation)

There are several options to give political content to this first global strike

May 26: UK Uncut: “street parties with a twist”

London meetings to go to if you want to engage more:


More international background:



Some slogans that came out of the recent organisation Occupy London meeting if you want to get some inspiration:

Hit by the crisis. Time to strike back.

See no crisis, hear no crisis, speak no crisis.

Just keep telling yourself “it’s only a movie”. [accompanied by picture/pictures of various socioeconomic disasters that have happened since 2008]

Tim just found out that… [subvertising Virgin’s ad]

… there will be no NHS by the time he’s 15.

… Occupy London is hitting back in May.

… capitalism isn’t the only way.

Mind the […] gap.

… (income) inequality

… precarious (work)

… democracy

Others that came from General Assembly:

Open the window and have a look

I wasn’t born to feed corporations

I am not just a cat – i am a fat cat

Austerity burgers – i’m lovin it

may do

may happen

spring break

spring cleaning

time for change

bloomin banks

global spring/london spring is here

spring up

by being complacent you are being complicit