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The Occupier Newspaper

The Occupy Design Workshop coincided with the release of The Occupier, a poster newspaper printed to get more images out on the streets. Following in the footsteps of the Poster version of the Occupied Wall Street Journal, designers and artists were asked to produce large format posters that could be used in a variety of circumstances.

As it says on the cover “These posters are for distribution, putting up on wall, corridors and in your workplace. This is one of many initiatives aimed at opening up a debate in the public sphere about the current crisis. We realise the way out will not be simple, but in order to find creative solutions we need to hear alternative voices and the need to be amplified”

Here are some pictures of the paper – if you are interested in distributing some copies or want to design a poster for the next one get in touch: info[@]cactusnetwork.org.uk

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