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Truth Trijektor Shines A Light


During the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris we projected a variety of messages using our ‘Truth Trijektor’ mobile Trike based guerilla projection system at two targets, the World Bank Head Offices and a huge Ad for EDF adjacent to their Head Office, which claimed they were working to keep World tempartures to 2° or warming (this is more than enough to cause us to lose a livable Planet). We demanded ‘system change not climate change’ and to keep temperatures to 1.5° which is the known safe limit and one called for by all indigeinous groups and those in the Global South who will be/are already the first affected.

These actions were part of a larger mass civil disobedience called ‘Climate Games‘ that provided a framework for actions that defied the French governments State of Emergency brought in after the November terrorist attacks.

Over 400 actions can be seen on the Climate Games website, including our reports, here and here.

Images: Jess Hurd @ reportdigital

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