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Occupy Design Helps UK Uncut Get The Message Out – Occupy Design UK
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Occupy Design Helps UK Uncut Get The Message Out



UK Uncut took to the streets around the UK in December to protest and make the connections between Corporations like Starbucks paying no tax on their profits in the UK-costing at least £70 Billion a year in lost income to the Treasury-and the government telling us there is ‘no money’ for our Social Services. Women are being hit particularly hard by these cuts with 74% of the current cuts affecting women directly with closures of Sure Start Centres, Rape Crisis Centres and Refuges and the cutting back of Public Sector work which many Women rely on.

So on this Saturday Starbucks across the countries were turned into creches and refuges to great effect. Having been on previous UK Uncut actions it can often be difficult for people on the street to know what is going on inside what building is being occupied so we produced a series of large scale posters on the action and pdf’s for people around the country to download, to make it cleat what the message from the action was.

Below you can see how people use the Signs in the action. It was a great day!

(many of these great pictures were taken by @heardinlondon and can be found on the Demotix website here: http://www.demotix.com/news/1664269/ukuncut-protest-starbucks-tax-avoidance#media-1664287)












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