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Expose The 1%

How exactly is the 1% able to exploit so successfully the rest of society? Part of the problem is that most people have little or no idea how global finance works, hidden behind descriptions deliberately designed to confuse: ‘credit default swaps’, ‘asset backed securities’, ‘deriatives’, ‘private finance intiatives’ this is completely understandable.

But what does the financial system look like? What social relationships does it promote or restrict or even destroy? How can we show this and explain it to people so they understand and can act as informed citizens?

We need to expose the actions of the 1%. We want your visualizations to help the 99% to understand the complex but important processes that are affecting every aspect of life, go to our briefing page to get involved.

Download the brief as an A3 PDFDEADLINE AUGUST 31.  Now: Early deadline August 1oth (for feedback and assistance).

To see some of the work entered for this brief go here.

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