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Programme: OD Launch Weekend January 28-29th

12:00 Introduction
12:30 ‘Signs, Struggles, Occupy’ by Signs Of Revolt
1:00  ‘How could Design support Occupy? How could Occupy transform Design?’
1:45  Break
2:30 ‘Design as Manipulation. Design as Emancipation’ by EcoLabs
3:00 ‘Precarious Workers in the Design Industry’ by Precarious Workers Brigade
3:15  Precarious Workers in the Design Industry workshop
3:15  ‘This Space is Not for Hire’ – poster workshop – Cactus Network
5:30  Collect, share and document outcomes
6:00 End
12:00 ‘The Occupied Times & other Occupied Media’ by OT design + editorial team
12:30  ‘Intro to the Commons in Design’
1:00 ‘Commons Taking Form’ workshop by Brave New Alps
1:00 ‘This Space is Not for Hire‘ – poster workshop (continued from Saturday)
3:30  ‘Occupy Design: What next?’ – strategy session
5:00 End

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