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Occupy Design at Typolondon

Occupy Design will be presenting at Typolondon, the International Design Conference. Here’s the blurb from the programme.

Design Practice for the Common Good?

October 19, 2012, 3:00 pm (Drama Studio / Creativity Awards Lounge)

Does design practice today work for the common good? Are our cultural institutions serving the interests of common people and the planet? While capitalism imposes harsh austerity on the public – it is also increasing profits for elites, the 1%. This dynamic is a threat to democracy and our collective futures, are these dangers are camouflaged by a design industry that fails to take the crises we face seriously enough?

Noel Douglas will show current work from the Occupy movement in both the UK and abroad, highlighting how graphic designers has a vital role in current protest and the imagining of a new society. While Tzortzis Rallis will go discuss his work for ‘Occupied Times’ The newspaper of the Occupy London, which has since grown into a journal in its own right. Other members of Occupy Design UK will be in attendance to promote what promises to be a lively discussion.


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