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Our Graphic Archive Launches


Check out our new archive of work from our social media feeds and networks, graphics.occupydesign.org.uk if you have anything you’d like to submit email us.


Occupy Poster Workshop In Greece


Designers involved with Occupy Design will be hosting a workshop in Greece on the 14,15,16 June.

The weekend is organized by the Labour Club New Smyrna, with designers from The Occupied Times and Cactus Network.
The weekend will discuss ways to make a real contribution to subversive political graphics in a time of deep crisis, the workshop will design graphics and posters, for use in the struggles.

All invited to take part in the discussion and planning with ideas and images.
Registrations for workshops Saturday and Sunday, Friday night at the Labour Club. Participants can bring laptops, sketchbooks, etc

For more info see:


Occupy Design Talk in Berlin


Tzortzis Rallis from Occupy Design UK wil be talking in Berlin at the Industriesalon Schöneweide in Berlin on theh 21st of June, where he’ll give an overview of the means and possibilities of self-organized resistance, and the question of what design can contribute.

Facebook Event Page here:



Interview with Desktop Magazine, Australia



“The tension in design now is this, between being led by the destructive, suicidal logic of fossil fuel capitalism or by human need (in the widest sense) that works in a beautifully designed harmony with the environment. Occupy is part of trying to work out the path from one to other.”

An interview with Occupy Designer Noel Douglas in Desktop Magazine from Australia, for more read on:


Calling all ARTivists!

Calling all ARTivists. A competition to subvert Drax Group plc.

Biggest CO2 point emitter in the UK is planning to convert to burn a large proportion of biomass alongside coal – 16m tonnes, more than 1.5 times the total UK wood output! This is claimed to be green but this is a fraud. There is plenty of evidence that burning wood emits about 50% more CO2 than burning coal – so this development, which has attracted £100m funding from the government’s Green Investment Bank, will actually speed up climate change whilst destroying biodiverse, oldgrowth forests in the US and Canada. Diversifying from coal also enables them to keep old inefficient plant working in the face of stringent EU pollution legislation. The primary energy of only 1 in 6 trees is actually turned into electricity. The rest is wasted!

We invite you to mess around with Drax Group plc’s corporate images, images of the powerstation (these are many and moody) to make the association with the environmental crimes they are committing in the name of keeping too many lights on.

We want to make investing in Biofuels and Biomass embarrassing. We want to make Drax Group plc a laughing stock. We want our message about what they are doing to come out of search engines ahead of theirs. We want wit to win the argument. We want sticky images to campaign with.

Biofuelwatch is targetting the Drax Group plc AGM on 24 April. Links to the call to action are here: http://www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/

Please submit your subversions, (which can be logos, images, comic strip, film or anything else you think does the job and we can post online) to biofuelwatch@ymail.com with the subject line Drax subversion. Deadline for submissions Wednesday 10 April

There is NO PRIZE other than our gratitude and the warm feeling of having perhaps helped a tiny organisation to fight a worthy cause and raise awareness.

We undertake to post the images on a gallery on or connected to the biofuelwatch website and to publicise them widely to national media. We will use subversions we like best to further our campaign. We may print them in which case no remuneration will be payable but you will be credited (if you want). We don’t intend to make any profit from any of the images. But if we do we will share it 50/50 with the originator.

Here is some Drax corporate bollox.


Here is some background on Coal to Biomass conversions.


Here are some images to get you going.

We apologise for the extreme boringness of the Drax logo.

drax logo

Here are some sources of pictures of Drax power station (google produces oodles)


Drax Power Station.....

Merging Powers, Drax Power Station.....





Here are some pictures of forest devastation caused by biomass harvesting.


Occupy Design Helps UK Uncut Get The Message Out



UK Uncut took to the streets around the UK in December to protest and make the connections between Corporations like Starbucks paying no tax on their profits in the UK-costing at least £70 Billion a year in lost income to the Treasury-and the government telling us there is ‘no money’ for our Social Services. Women are being hit particularly hard by these cuts with 74% of the current cuts affecting women directly with closures of Sure Start Centres, Rape Crisis Centres and Refuges and the cutting back of Public Sector work which many Women rely on.

So on this Saturday Starbucks across the countries were turned into creches and refuges to great effect. Having been on previous UK Uncut actions it can often be difficult for people on the street to know what is going on inside what building is being occupied so we produced a series of large scale posters on the action and pdf’s for people around the country to download, to make it cleat what the message from the action was.

Below you can see how people use the Signs in the action. It was a great day!

(many of these great pictures were taken by @heardinlondon and can be found on the Demotix website here: http://www.demotix.com/news/1664269/ukuncut-protest-starbucks-tax-avoidance#media-1664287)












#includedesign Gove!

Interesting movements afoot as the Design world starts to resist the dangers of the Coalition’s changes to the education system.

For the first time in a long time, and after a shameful silence of the tripling of tuition fees and 100% funding cut to design education in higher education. The design industry has come together and sent an open letter to Michael Gove, warning him that his intention to omit design related subjects from the English Baccalaureate would impact on Britain’s future prosperity.

Stella McCartney, Sir Jonathan Ive, Olympic Torch designers Edward Barber RDI and Jay Osgerby RDI, Sir Terence Conran, the Design Council, D&AD and many of the UK’s leading design agencies argue that omitting Design & Technology and Art & Design from the English Baccalaureate will damage the future prosperity of the UK’s industry and the wider creative economy. Today sees the launch of the ‘Include Design’ campaign, part of the ‘Bacc for the Future’ campaign, and signatories believe that the omission will fail to provide students with the skills that UK employers need- which they argue will have a catastrophic impact on the UK’s economy.

Education secretary Michael Gove has recently revealed a proposal to replace the GCSE exam with an English Baccalaureate. The proposal initially intends to focus studies towards three core subject areas – English, Maths and Science – with History, Geography and languages added at a later stage. Not all subjects will be included- with art and design, for example, left out.

Signatories of the ‘Include Design’ campaign urge Michael Gove to reconsider the EBacc in it’s proposed form, arguing that the UK creative industries are the envy of the world and set the bar in excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship. The UK’s design industry is the largest in Europe and one of the strongest globally – NESTA estimates £23bn is spent on design, while Imperial College put the figure at £33.5bn in 2011[1]. Design Council research demonstrates that despite the recession the industry grew by 29 per cent[2] between 2005 and 2010.

‘Include Design’ urges Michael Gove to rethink the Government’s proposal to exclude design and the arts, and to add a sixth pillar option for these subjects into the EBacc.

For more info and to sign the petition and see what other action you can take go to: includedesign.org

The coalition’s education policies are designed to open up our whole education system to private interests, while entrenching privilege, hierarchy and an out of date idea of what constitutes ‘a real education’. What we actually need is a complete shift the other way, away from individualism and rote learning to collaboration and intelligent play so we educate people who are capable of solving the many problems we face this century. A view neatly outlined in this video, Changing Education Paradigms from the RSA animate series by Sir Ken Robinson.


Typolondon Talk Reviews

Our talk at Typolondon went well and has received a few reviews.

The first is from Computers Arts magazine’s highlights of the festival.

And the second is from Eye Magazine’s blog in a piece called The Bloomsbury Set

Occupy Design at Typolondon

Occupy Design will be presenting at Typolondon, the International Design Conference. Here’s the blurb from the programme.

Design Practice for the Common Good?

October 19, 2012, 3:00 pm (Drama Studio / Creativity Awards Lounge)

Does design practice today work for the common good? Are our cultural institutions serving the interests of common people and the planet? While capitalism imposes harsh austerity on the public – it is also increasing profits for elites, the 1%. This dynamic is a threat to democracy and our collective futures, are these dangers are camouflaged by a design industry that fails to take the crises we face seriously enough?

Noel Douglas will show current work from the Occupy movement in both the UK and abroad, highlighting how graphic designers has a vital role in current protest and the imagining of a new society. While Tzortzis Rallis will go discuss his work for ‘Occupied Times’ The newspaper of the Occupy London, which has since grown into a journal in its own right. Other members of Occupy Design UK will be in attendance to promote what promises to be a lively discussion.


Cuts Cafe Talk and Workshop

We held a small workshop and talk at the Cuts Cafe as part of the build up to the October 20 demonstration against austerity called by the TUC. Here’s a few pics from the day also including the Occupied Times being produced and friends from Make The March who we joined with for the workshop.




Our Graphic Archive Launches
Our Graphic Archive Launches

Check out our new archive of work from our social media feeds and networks> graphics.occupydesign.or

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Occupy Poster Workshop In Greece
Occupy Poster Workshop In Greece

Designers involved with Occupy Design will be hosting a workshop in Greece on the 14,15,16 June.

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Our Graphic Archive Launches
Our Graphic Archive Launches

Check out our new archive of work from our social media feeds and networks> graphics.occupydesign.or

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Interview with Desktop Magazine, Australia
Interview with Desktop Magazine, Australia

An interview with Occupy Designer Noel Douglas in Desktop Magazine from Australia

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Cuts Cafe Talk and Workshop
Cuts Cafe Talk and Workshop

We held a small workshop and talk at the Cuts Cafe as part of the build up to the October 20 demonst

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