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Creative Resistance at Cuts Cafe Saturday 13th Oct

Creative Resistance at Cuts Cafe Saturday 13th Oct 2-5pm

To help increase the creative resistance to austerity and build for the TUC ‘A Future That Works’ Demo on Oct 20th. Occupy Design UK will present a slide show on art and design interventions in social movements and demonstrations at a new squatted space created to help people come together to discuss and plan actions for the 20th called the Cuts Cafe.

After presenting some inspiring examples of work. We will then do a workshop on developing strategies for creative resistance (partially inspired by ideas from the new ‘Beautiful Trouble’ manual – http://beautifultrouble.org/). The session will end with a practical image and stuff making session if there is energy in the room for this.

Cuts Cafe is set up in a squatted building by Blackfriars Bridge.

Please note squatting commercial property is not illegal, you will not be breaking the law by coming to the space!


The address is:

1 Stamford Street,
SE1 9NT.

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